Abdala Brothers is a media-house focused on Exclusive Projects and Special Operations, founded by the two brothers, Salomão and Andre Abdala, aged 26 and 24 years old,
the duo is known for their big scale and complex productions. The Abdala Brothers is an end to end solution media-house with a kick-ass team directed by the Brothers,
ofering full production services and post-production.

We have quite probably one of the most insane portfolios out there, from shooting Lewis Hamilton for Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team, to flying in ZERO G in a NASA Mission while shooting a commercial; shooting Leticia Bufoni jumping out of
a Military Airplane at 9000foot with her skateboard, to become the first Brazilians to have a Custom Lens made by PANAVISION.
I think we can say that we like to challenge ourselfs

Our goal is to scale up each project every time, reach the limit, and push the boundaries of whats possible
We believe in filmmaking as a passion, and we'll always strive to create something unique, original, different, that is what drives us,
that is what keeps us awake at night, the weight of trying to create masterpieces at every film we make, it's a heavy one, but we won't settle for less ;)


The kick-ass Abdala Brothers Head Quarters, where every idea its written and post-produced (from editing to VFX and Color Grading), a 1.500m2 studio with 2 flors and capacity up to 30 employees, its the Dream Place to work, with its own Cinema for our Premieres, and all the latest tech out there in one single place, lets say we have a hard time leaving the Studio